Continuous Improvement Curriculum (CIC)

Continuous Improvement Curriculum (CIC)

The Continuous Improvement Curriculum (CIC) refers to learning distribution based on effectiveness and context. CIC is applied when the there is learning distributed over time or with limited learning exposure based on time and attending population.Continuous Improvement Model - CIC

Even recently, knowledge is often treated as a commodity. The fact is that organizations can no longer afford to be stingy with learning. While it is true that learning should not necessarily be distributed all at once, it is critical to recognize short term learning opportunities that may be distributed easily and may result in tremendous impact to productivity and earnings.

It is important to recognize when a segment or contextual portion of distributed or exclusive learning should and / or can be generally distributed with the optimum impact. It seems completely logical that if I am teaching a program exclusively for engineers and suddenly realize that part of this exclusive training has a tremendous safety impact to which everyone should be exposed, I would immediately ensure that segment of training is designed to be immediately distributed and accessed. That is logical and has legal ramifications. If I am teaching an exclusive group of operators or technicians a new process and realize this process is beneficially applicable across the field, I want to ensure that distribution of that process is accelerated and access is available much more quickly.

It may not seem as obvious or logical when a segment of information is revealed that has been kept exclusive or distributed over a longer period of time, but has been considered more exclusive and may not be so technical in nature. It may have greater impact on communications, teams, leadership, workplace culture, or sales. While the desire may be to create value by restriction and exclusion – the decision to hoard such information is a poor one.

In such cases, the question should always be: What is the impact on the bottom line? If the impact is positively significant and the learning segment is contextualized – highly applicable to all business situations as an independent learning segment, distribute this learning as quickly as possible, in the most effective manner.

In order to apply the CIC method quickly, the use of evaluation levels L2 – L4 must be applied at micro and macro levels.