Virtual World

Virtual World

header_2Virtual world learning is now a staple in the learning industry. It is not nearly as popular as believed, as asset development has been a deterrent, as well as the stabilization and securing of development environments and the changing specifications of those environments.

Our support services include:

  • Instructional and learning environment design
  • Project management
  • Asset development
  • API development

As augmented and virtual reality become more affordable and flexible, virtual world development has nearly been skipped over as a viable technology effort in the mainstream. eLumenata has broad experience in virtual world development, project mangement, and delivery —  both inworld and using the virtual world for development of assets used out of world.

Virtual world technology is quite affordable and can bring your learning to life in a highly impactful and affordable manner. Virtual world learning may be a great immersive experience to your learners, for a fraction of the long term cost of entering into AR or VR as the field develops and stabilizes.