Gaming & Gamification

Gaming & Gamification

xe roman goddes1sLearning games and gamification of learning have been gaining ground in the last several years. While these two terms are now being collapsed, they are actually two very distinct approaches.

Our support services include:

  • Game engine creation or selection
  • Instructional and learning environment design
  • Project management
  • Documentation and story development
  • Story boarding
  • Asset development and management
  • API development

The concept of creating digital learning games is based on the video game industry. Video games have been employing immersive learning concepts since inception. Gamers must often learn the game with little or no instruction or guidance, in which case the game is employing a nearly pure discovery learning model. Other models teach the most basic skills/information for the game interface, and then require discovery and/or socialization to achieve objectives at a higher level.

Immersive learning games are actual a dual objective model – the learning of the interface and the learning of content. Creating learning games is far more affordable than in the past, within reason. It’s important to consider expertise in the area of learning as well as understanding the learning demographic. What is appropriate for a group of people with a background in immersive video games will be different from a group who has never played in that sort of game. Often, a less complicated game will meet your needs.badges2a

The gamification of learning is much simpler. Gamification may be achieved by adding external incentives to your existing learning format. While the integration may occur within these external incentives, the incentives are external to the learning itself. Badges, leaderboards, cumulative awards, player board formats are all examples of gamification.

Both concepts add a level of effectiveness in your learning. eLumenata will support you in your gamification and immersive gaming efforts.