eLumenata specializes in all facets of elearning. We approach elearning from the perspective of greatest impact for dollars invested. Many organizations are jumping on bandwagons for the latest and greatest learning experiences – gaming, gamification, augmented reality, virtual reality, and virtual world.

We see many companies investing in internal resources in the attempt to harness these cutting edge learning experiences, often spending millions of dollars over a period of years, with no outcome.

We approach elearning from innovative learning – and this does not always mean cutting edge. Often, tried and true technology will produce the greatest results, with a fraction of the investment that was originally budgeted.

While we may provide cutting edge solutions and expertise, strategic planning may reveal that your organization’s greatest learning gain requires something a bit simpler. We base our assessments on your learning needs and desires, developing appropriate assets based on those needs.

Our eLearning development includes: