About Virginia Dickenson

About Virginia Dickenson

Virginia Dickenson is the visionary and owner of eLumenata, a boutique consulting company that specializes in developing cutting edge digital technology for learning. Virginia has over 27 years of design and development experience from working with major oil and chemical companies. Her expertise includes working with Universities and Colleges as a consultant and professor for more than 10 years, and her work has extended to the hospitality industry for the last 13 years.

To stay on the forefront of digital learning, Virginia continues to develop credentials in her field. She is A.B.D. with a doctorate in Education, with areas of specialization in Adult Learning, Organizational Development, Educational Research, and Instructional Systems Design. She is currently completing a Master’s in Project Management.

viva4sVirginia entered virtual world learning development in 2006. She has had active presences in Second Life, SpotOn3D, SimValley, and is now cultivating learning and game development in Sinewave.space.

She is currently designing her signature instructional design course (DDLE – Designing Dynamic Learning Events) for virtual and Virtual World application!


Virginia’s intention is to create learning environments in which people learn naturally and passionately! She is committed to forwarding effective and rich elearning as a killer application. 

“Learning is something natural that people do every day. We are thirsty for knowledge and seek learning constantly. A healthy learning ecosystem is inviting and engaging. The nature of the designed ecosystem is learner-centered and learner-generated.” — Virginia Dickenson

Learning ecosystems are designed to be an invitation to learn – not an obligation or something to be forced. A successful strategic approach to learning occurs when learning strategies and learner needs are aligned, having learning emerge as a natural product of organizational design.

Specialties: e-learning, instructional design, project management, program management, business development in learning technology, template response management, documentation management, knowledge management, procedure writing, knowledge transition, learning infrastructure development, immersive learning, learning games and gamification, virtual world learning