• Who is eLumenata?

    We are a company specializing in the creation, development, and distribution of learning applications and content. We develop e-learning courses and blended technology learning solutions that engage learners. We provide and assist in data collection and interpretation.

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  • What We Do

    We assist you in determining your personal, team's, or organization's needs regarding what learning approaches will have the highest and most positive impact. Utilizing Instructional Systems Design methodology, we determine the level of intervention required to optimally meet your organization's learning objectives.

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Why Should You Use eLumenata?

We deliver excellent quality for any size learning project with the flexibility, speed, and customization, customer attentiveness that only a small company can deliver. We create strategically designed learning modules that apply the best of accelerated learning principles and instructional design methodology. Our Accelerated Learning Approaches are relevant, immersive, and fun - thus, maximizing productivity outcomes. And we can be used to outsource many of your learning needs!

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Strategic Planning

Virtual learning is a critical part of every business today. Investing in learning technology and standardizing learning is a key success factor. We can help you choose, design, implement, and deliver.

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Instructional Systems Design

Regardless of your learning topics, we can help you optimize your design. We employ innovative approaches and accelerated learning models to every part of learning we touch.

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Train the Trainer T3

We ensure that your people are ready to take the reins. We work with your selected educational team to design and deliver the most effective and impactful learning in a variety of learning environments.

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Continuous Improvement Curriculum (CIC)

We provide a completely integrated continuous improvement curriculum (CIC) approach. Our CIC is designed to provide our clients with a path for optimizing performance